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How to get a faster 5k time

Has anyone not been nominated to run 5km for@run.for.heroesyet? What a fantastic idea! Turning exercise into a method of raising funds, improving health and raising moral - genius.

BUT... with that comes out the competitive nature. Don’t deny it. You want it, we know it.

With that in mind. Time is something we have right now and if you want to get that 5k time down here are my must-do workouts

After building that aerobic base, try this:

1. 20-min steady - great for fast leg turn over, getting used to 20mins of hard effort

2. Intervals - fast intervals (10-20s per mile faster than goal 5km pace) are challenging but SO effective. 400m + 90sec rest x4-12reps. You’re working on that high intensity and recovery, which is essential for a fast 5km time

3. VO2max workouts - kilometre or mile-repeats are savage. But again super effective. Warm-up and then 3-6x1km + 3min rest OR 2-4x1mile + 5min rest all at 10-20s per mile faster than goal pace

These are just a small selection of tools you can use to reach the next level. If you want more individualised advice you know where to find me

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