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Injury Rehabilitation & Exercise Prescription

Once we have a working diagnosis we will start a gradually progressive exercise regimen to help to strengthen, stabilise, and/or stretch the area to both alleviate your symptoms and prevent them from returning. These exercises will be specific to you and your injury as well as goal-orientated to get you back to what you love doing most.

Here's what to expect from your rehabilitation plan::

the first part of the rehab plan is to get on top of the symptoms you have, which may involve a period of relative rest, activity modification and gentle exercise. It is crucial at this point to find the optimal entry level for graded exercise and gradually progress from there with harder, more challenging exercises.

You will leave your first session with a PDF of exercises, advice and tools specific to you to do outside of our sessions. Consistently doing these is key to your rehab success.


Initial Assessment & Diagnoses: £110

Follow-up (60 mins): £105

Follow-up (30 mins): £90

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