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How can a running coach help me?

Coaches are not just for the elite. In fact, in my experience, it’s more likely that the non-elite will progress more and more rapidly (at least to begin with) with some structured training. So if you want to smash your PBs, time after time it’s probably right for you.


Recreational runners most often benefit from online coaching in the following ways:

1. Accountability - having someone checking up on you, planning for you. Someone there to congratulate you, to motivate you. It’s all about you.. and as motivation drops having that kick up the backside can be a lifesaver

2. Structure - having your macro and mesocycles (days/weeks/months) planned out for you.. tailored towards your goal is Essential for progress. Different blocks, different types of workout, planned rest and recovery it’s all as important as each other

3. Professional knowledge - most of you are recreational runners. Not professionals. Let a professional help you impart the wisdom we’ve collected. Chances are we have seen 100 other runners just like you, similar issues, similar changes to be made, HUGE impact

4. Injury Prevention - Runners need to do more than Run. As a physiotherapist, I have your back.. your legs.. your feet, everything covered. Specific exercises for you to complete to manage and niggles or injuries, to improve your strength and conditioning and your overall recovery!

Today was a result of following structured programming. My goal was to get 13.1 in sub 90. And today it got done ✅ in 1:28:11 and there is SO much more in the tank.

Pace was consistent ✅

Heart rate was consistent ✅

Cadence was consistent ✅

But it’s not about today, it’s about the work put in before. The runs, the rest days, the strength work.

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