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Freddie's LinkedIn Review 👊

"I went to see Ben for a specific issue. Looking back, not only is the pain a distant memory but I have had significant improvements in other areas like posture and balance. I am also standing on the right side of the fastest physical development that I have ever experienced as a result of my training.

Maybe I was so focused on the specific issue at the time that I did not realise that Ben was really giving me a totally holistic treatment. I probably did not register a significant change at the time because the program he built me genuinely took my requests on board and worked around my lifestyle.

Ben has also made a conscious effort to be available to offer advice on matters like nutrition, rest and timing which I may have thought would have been out of scope but now can clearly see come together with the program to make a massive difference.

To me fixing a specific issue was a requirement but everything else that I have gained is thanks to Bens genuine interest, passion and care that place him far ahead of others who could be considered to be his senior."

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed my work on Google & LinkedIn so far, it means LOADS!

There's more of where that came from 🙃👊

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