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Advanced Home Hamstring Home Physiotherapy Rehab Exercises

Advanced Home Hamstring Home Physiotherapy Rehab Exercises

5 solid exercises for anyone looking to strengthen up their hamstrings!

3 rounds / each takes about 6mins in real-time

Give 20 mins with a minute rest between each round

Ex1. Sofa assisted Nordic hamstring curls 6x - 4 seconds eccentric and push back up (still use your hammies)

Ex2. Elevated single leg bridge - elevate the front foot to increase the hip extension for a greater hamstring and glute activation 12x each side

Ex3 - Dumbbell hamstring curl. Slow eccentric (2-3sec). Keep dumbbell from going above 90degree knee flexion to keep constant tension on hamstrings

Ex4. Split stance DB Rdl - hip hinge movement, slow eccentric 2-3sec lower - x10 each side

Ex5. Glute bridge walk outs - up into to glute bridge position and slowly step by step walk feet away out in front and then back towards bum. X5

There you go. 5 great exercises to keep your hamstrings super strong - weak and tight hamstrings can alter the position of your pelvic which can in turn influence glute muscles, core activation and back pain.

If you have a specific issue you want to chat through, get in touch.

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