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Shoulder and spinal mobility physiotherapy exercises

Hunching over your screen? Spending too long scrolling through my Instagram posts?

Here are 7 super simple shoulder and thoracic spine mobility drills to throw in before, during and after your working day.

7 exercises // 1 minute of each

Try this circuit 3x throughout the day and reap the rewards

1. Shoulder dislocates - moving through a full ROM at the shoulders helps to stretch the pecs and entire shoulder capsule

2. Thoracic rotations - sit or stand for these. Keep your feet planted and fully rotate the chest and spine

3. Chest drop - hold high and drop the chest low to stretch the pecs, lats and shoulder capsule

4. Prayer stretch - great to release the muscles either side of the spine. Walk your hands from side to side to stretch the lats

5. Thread the needle - full spinal rotation with shoulder mobility too

6. Body rotation pec stretch - a great way to open up the front of the pec whilst adding in thoracic and lumbar rotations. Perfect for those spending hours sitting today!

7. Cat cow - spinal flexion and extension to assist limited shoulder flexion

If you feel pain, aching or unusual sensation in your shoulder or thoracic spine, reach out to me or contact your doctor.

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