to find a solution, we must first understand the problem

What is your body trying to tell you?

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How I can help...

Ben Lombard is a physiotherapist in Highbury and Islington with specialist experience in Scoliosis, Sports Rehab and Occupational Injury Rehab. Through physio assessment, injury diagnosis, manual treatment and exercise prescription Ben will educate you about the cause of your injury.


Following your diagnoses, Ben will provide you with the information and treatment you need to achieve pain-free movement. With the right therapist, Physiotherapy can not only to fix your injury, it can leave you stronger than before to prevent re-injury.

The Process


In your physiotherapy assessment, I will test movements and functions to inform my diagnosis and identify the root of the problem


Identifying the cause of your pain gives us the direction for your road to recovery through physiotherapy manual treatment and exercise prescription


The correct prescription of physiotherapy exercises and manual treatment such as sports massage, myofascial release and dry needles is essential to ensure you come out stronger than before


"I saw Ben with chronic runner’s knees after Ben was recommended by a friend. I had pretty much resigned myself to never running again. After the first session, I was filled with optimism by Ben’s knowledge and confidence that he’d be able to help me. I’m now back running a few times a week completely pain-free."

—  Benjie no longer has runners knee




manual release

dry needling

sports massage and myofascial

running plans

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