A sports massage is a great manual tool for anyone! Don’t be fooled by the name, sports massages are not just for those who are ‘sporty’. A sports massage consists of many different techniques to manipulate the body tissue to prevent injury and aid recovery.





sports massage

what are the benefits?

The physiological benefits of sports massage include increased blood flow to the area, increased tissue flexibility, as well as reduced muscular tension and pain. Ultimately leading to reductions in both post-exercise soreness and general aches and pains.

who is it good for?

Anybody! Seriously, anyone and everyone can benefit from a sports massage. Whether you are sporty or not, we all have muscles, we all have tension, why not get that worked out?


"How long will it take?"

This can vary depending on the size of the area, that needs to be worked into. If you are looking for a whole-body general sports massage then 60-90 minutes would be my prescription, especially on the first session where you should have your initial body assessment. If it is for a more specific area or an injury to an isolated area, your calf for example then 45-60 minutes is ideal. 

"Can I exercise before?"

Specifically, for post-exercise, I would have one as quickly after finishing as possible, whilst the tissue is still warm would be best as you get the added bonus of the blood circulating around the active muscles. However, this isn’t always possible and the next 12-72 hours are all well within an ideal timeframe to get the desired benefits listed above.

"What do I wear?"


Ideally, the areas which need to be worked on will be exposed and your modesty protected by a towel. If you are not comfortable with this, then wear loose comfy clothing, which your therapist can easily move to get to the target tissue.



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