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Physiotherapy and Mental Fitness in Lockdown 2.0

Private physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors have been encouraged to continue working during the second lockdown to help take the strain off the NHS. Many people with aches and pains have struggled to get an appointment with their GP in recent months, and for those who do not already prioritise their aches and pains, have lived with them, become used to them, or assumed they will go away at some point. Whilst in some cases, body ailments may go away in their own time, in other cases they can come back repeatedly or get worse if they are not seen to - depending on the injury. In the same breath, mental health and emotional wellness have become a key challenge for a lot of people in these uncertain times.

Let’s look at how physiotherapy can help with your physical and mental fitness as we move into another lockdown.

Physiotherapy for physical education - knowledge is power

Rather than waiting for a GP, many of my clients come straight to me when they are experiencing pains or unfamiliar aches. Sometimes people do not realise that physiotherapists and other trained healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat you. In some cases, as specialist practitioners, we can be better placed to do so. During sessions, I work to identify and explain the cause of their discomfort, what their body is trying to tell them and how we can work together to alleviate this pain using a combination of manual treatments and exercise prescription. During this time, in my experience, people learn more about their bodies, they start to identify when something might not be right earlier in the injury process and come to me earlier. This means that we are working to prevent an injury, rather than fix one. For many people, receiving a diagnosis removes the angst surrounding their injury. Being given proactive measures towards their treatment, and taking their healing into their own hands can create a huge sense of relief. You are already in an improved mindset to heal.

Exercise prescription for mental fitness and physical strength

Mental fitness is about building activities into your life that raise your mood. As we know exercise releases endorphins in our brains, those feel-good hormones which elevate our mood after exercise. When you are injured, and unable to participate in physical activity, understanding why your rehab exercises may help you and empower you to strengthen your body, physiotherapy can help with both your mental fitness and your physical strength. That’s two for one if you ask me.

Whilst manual treatments are a great tool for diagnoses and healing, the real power to stop the progression of your injury and start strengthening your body is in your hands. If muscle imbalance, overuse or underuse is the cause, I can prescribe your treatment plan from anywhere in the world. Oh, and before you ask, it’s never too late to start.

So, if you do have an ache or pain bringing you down, we can work together to make your challenge into an opportunity to strengthen your mind and body. Feel free to reach out for a video consultation or come in to see me face-(mask)-to-face-(mask) for Physiotherapy in Islington.

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