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Image by Levi Stute

“Bens physiotherapy is nothing short of life-changing.”


fusion surgery

This client first came to me in 2016, a then 30y/o male who had suffered an extreme episode of back pain while lifting weights in the gym, with pain now referring down into his right leg. This client had a medical history of Spinal fusion Surgery and ongoing upper and lower back, glute and shoulder pain.  


Acute Disc bulge and nerve compression. This client already had the diagnosis of a Left-Sided Thoracolumbar Scoliosis and Spinal Fusion Surgery (T2-L4 Aged 15)


Initial treatment 2-4months 1-2x/week. This client now sees me on a regular basis for  ‘MOT’/Sports massage & Myofascial release sessions, 1:1 rehab and Strength&Conditioning sessions


This client no longer suffers from any pain and has much more control over his condition. We continue to work together on an ongoing basis as part of an ongoing strength programme to ensure the client reached his fitness goals, safely.

in thier words

“Ben 's physiotherapy is nothing short of life-changing. I have had many a physiotherapist, none of whom have come close to Ben. He has excellent knowledge and he practices what he preaches. I leave every session feeling physically improved, do not hesitate, if you need physiotherapy - look no further.”

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