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“I had pretty much resigned myself to never running again. I am now back to running a few times a week.”

patella tendonitis

This client came to me after suffering with sharp knee pain in both knees, which had been worsening over the past two years. This client’s symptoms were constant dull ache in front of the knees, with occasional sharp pains all made worse by long periods of sitting and exercising.


Chronic Bilateral Patellar Tendinitis - confirmed by MRI


11 session 9th Oct 2019 - 26th Feb 2020. This client was treated with a combination of strengthening exercises to strengthen the patellar tendon, glutes and quadricep muscles and manual therapy to alleviate pain and promote tissue healing.


From session 9 this patient was able to run home after the session (3-5miles) pain-free and has subsequently been able to return to the gym, cycle and increase running mileage without further issue.

in thier words

“I saw Ben with chronic runner’s knees after Ben was recommended by a friend. Having left my knees for 2 years untreated, I had pretty much resigned myself to never running again. After the first session, I was filled with optimism by Ben’s knowledge and confidence that he’d be able to help me. I’m now back running a few times a week completely pain-free. If I pick up another injury, I’d go to Ben again without a second thought.”

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