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“Ben is THE one.”

occupational physio for a professionalsinger 

This client is a 29 y/old male, Professional Singer who came to me with Sharp pain in the upper back between shoulder blade and spine, occasional sharp pain up into the back of the head and frequent tension headaches (back of the head and above the eye) all of which had been getting worse over the past 48 hours.


Muscle sprain from prolonged poor static posture while performing with secondary muscular imbalance around his shoulders, neck, jaw and upper back. 


This client was treated in 1 session and used a second session to work on injury prevention with progressed exercises, stretches and postural advice. This client was treated with a combination of strengthening exercises for Scapular (shoulder blade) control, manual therapy and acupuncture for myofascial trigger point release


This client now performs pain-free due to increases in muscle strength and body awareness.

in thier words

"If you need knowledgeable, professional, passionate about his work and skilled physio Ben is THE one. I really highly recommend him to anyone who has any problems with their body. Ben will put you back on your feet in no time. Excellent physio."

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